| About Us
The Peer Support Centre is a group of dedicated student volunteers who provide welcoming, confidential, and empathetic peer-based support to students at Queen’s University. Students are encouraged to come and speak with our volunteers who will listen and offer support for any and all issues. As well, we can suggest resources available on campus and in the Kingston community.
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About Us

Welcome to the AMS Peer Support Centre, or the PSC for short! Restructured in 2012, the PSC has served many students within the Queen’s University community. We believe in the benefits that come with the listening ear and empathy of a peer, though many choose to visit the PSC for a variety of reasons. Some students may find it easier to connect with a person who is at a similar life stage and who may be experiencing similar life challenges. They may find the drop-in setup less intimidating than more formal services, or they may be unsure if the issues they are facing warrant connecting with a professional. Speaking to a volunteer at the Peer Support Centre may be akin to speaking with a friend. Our volunteers are compassionate and accepting of any issue, and our service operates according to a confidentiality agreement.

You're a kind, supportive, and helpful friend, and you deserve the same care and kindess you give others. You deserve a good support system. It's okay to ask for it.


Our service provides listening, support, resource referral, and practical assistance. We are not a replacement for health services who can provide diagnosis, treatment, and long-term support. Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment for students to talk and receive support.


The Peer Support Centre seeks to contribute to the continuous development of a supportive, accepting, and inclusive campus community. The Peer Support Centre strives to ensure that no student feels alone no matter what issue or concern they may face and aims to facilitate awareness amongst the student body of the personal, social, academic, and health and wellness resources that exist both on campus and in the Kingston community. The Peer Support Centre hopes to encourage members of the Queen’s community to engage in help-seeking mindsets and behaviors when facing challenges, struggles, and personal hardship.


The Peer Support Centre is a student-run service whose mission is to enhance the well-being of the diverse student population at Queen’s University by providing drop-in one-on-one support. Student volunteers provide welcoming, confidential, and empathetic peer-based support using active listening, resource referral, information guidance, and practical assistance. The Peer Support Centre is operated by the Alma Mater Society through its Social Issues Commission and is endorsed and supported by Queen’s University’s Student Wellness Services.


The AMS Peer Support Centre’s operations and goals are grounded in the following values:

  • Confidentiality: The Peer Support Centre operates according to a confidentiality agreement to ensure the comfort and trust of our peers.
  • Acceptance: The Peer Support Centre is a non-judgmental, positive, and safe space that is accepting of every peer.
  • Empathy: Peer Support Centre volunteers are empathetic to the challenges and struggles of all peers.
  • Belonging: The Peer Support Centre strives to create an atmosphere of belonging for all students within the Queen’s community and to assure peers that they are not alone in their challenges and struggles.
  • Community: All operations of the Peer Support Centre are supported by the community of student volunteers, the PSC Manager, the AMS Social Issues Commissioner, and AMS Vice-President University Affairs. Additionally, the Peer Support Centre operates with external support of professional resources in the greater Queen’s and Kingston community.