Booth Request

Thank you for considering inviting the Peer Support Centre to your event!

The goal of this service is to contribute to fostering a safe space for all undergraduate Queen’s students around campus. 

Through this service, we offer confidential and non-judgemental support to all undergraduate students attending an event that may contain sensitive content (e.g. sexual violence, mental health, trauma, bullying etc.).

Our Process

Two volunteers will be stationed outside of the event space ready to greet any peer who may be feeling uncomfortable, upset, or overwhelmed within the environment of the event. The peer will then enter the secured space with one volunteer who will outline the confidentiality agreement covering the session. The peer is welcome to continue a session for the duration of the event but is allowed to leave at any given time. Volunteers will be equipped with resources during trigger-boothing sessions.

*Please note that trigger-boothing requests must be made 10+ business days in advance of the event. This service is available between 10:30 am – 9:30 pm, 7-days a week. For confidentiality reasons, a private, lockable room must be reserved at the time of placing your request. Two chairs must be set-up outside of the event space for the volunteers to be stationed at. Unfortunately, we will have to reject your request if these criteria are not met.

Please contact Andie Rexdiemer at for any extenuating circumstances such as requesting a booth outside of designated hours, or an urgent need for the service in under 10 business days.

An updated form will be posted in the beginning of September.