| What To Expect
The Peer Support Centre is a group of dedicated student volunteers who provide welcoming, confidential, and empathetic peer-based support to students at Queen’s University. Students are encouraged to come and speak with our volunteers who will listen and offer support for any and all issues. As well, we can suggest resources available on campus and in the Kingston community.
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What To Expect

Visiting The Centre


If you choose to visit the Centre, you will be greeted warmly by a trained volunteer, invited to have a seat on our comfy couch, and asked to familiarize yourself with our confidentiality agreement. After that, you are free to talk about whatever you choose and connect with someone who wants to be there for you. It is up to you to share what you are comfortable sharing, speak when you are comfortable speaking, and to guide the conversation however you choose. We offer non-judgmental empathy and support, and can also suggest a number of resources on campus and in the Kingston community.


Sometimes when you arrive at the Centre, the door may be closed and a sign may be up. Please note that if it is an emergency, you should seek help as necessary by calling: 911, Campus Security (533-6111), or going to the nearest hospital. In all other cases…


If the sign says:


“Meeting in Progress”: You have a number of options. You may choose to have a seat in the chair outside our office and wait for the volunteer to be available. You may also choose to come back after a little while and speak with someone then.


“Closed”: If this sign is up, it is before 10:00am or after 10 pm, which is outside of our Centre hours of operation. Please feel free to return during our regular hours. For immediate crisis support, please contact the Addiction and Mental Health Services 24-hour crisis line at 613-544-4229.